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War Chests

War Chests are the loot boxes available to you in World of Tanks Modern Armor. Each chest is packed with random drops ranging from boosters, Consumables, and Premium Time to tanks and Commanders. The content of each type of chest varies but will always be worth at least the cost of the chest itself, if not more.

Click below to learn all about each type of chest that has been featured in the game, including special seasonal chests that are available only for limited times each year!

(Note: The links below will take you to the most recent news article for each type of chest. Not every chest may be currently available. Please check the dates within the article for availability. Articles are included for reference only. Drop rates are listed in each article.)

War Chests

Available from the in-game Store, the PlayStation Store, and the Microsoft Store, War Chests can be used to speed up your progression, expand your tank collection, and unleash Hell on the battlefield.

Tank War Chests

Use Gold to get a chest packed with random drops, including Equipment, Premium Consumables, Boosters, Premium Time, and even possible Premium tanks.

Commander War Chests

Every Commander War Chest will grant you a Commander (either 2D or 3D and either Standard, Premium, or Hero) together with Commander XP Boosters (with some drops including Premium Time).

Halloween War Chests

Just like a loaded candy bag, Halloween War Chests are all about those sweet different treats that you can’t wait to try. Halloween Commanders, gear for your Customizable Garage, Gold, and Premium tanks are all possible drops waiting for you to claim.

Tanksmas War Chests

Holiday-themed 2D Standard Commanders, gear for your Customizable Garage, Gold, Free XP, and Premium tanks are all possible drops waiting for you to claim.

Lucky War Chests

A real St. Patrick’s treasure awaits! Get your themed Commanders, Gear, and MORE with a Lucky War Chest.

Summer War Chests

Get yourself some wild new 2D Commanders with Summer War Chests! You can also get Gold, Garage Gear, and even Premium tanks as possible drops.

Celebration War Chests

Open your 10th-anniversary Celebration War Chests. Get Premium tanks, Boosters, Premium Time, and MORE!

Free Daily Chest

Daily Chests contain different drops than the other types of War Chests, but when it comes to building up your stash of supplies, there’s no better way to start than with a freebie. A new chest will be available to you once per day starting at 10:01 UTC.