You are the true warrior

Strike now. This is TIGERS, the latest season of World of Tanks Modern Armor! Take on 100 levels and earn rewards in a season inspired by Japanese culture and history. Follow either the Free Rewards path or pursue greater rewards with a Season Pass or Ultimate Season Pass.

Here are some of the highlights this season offers.

New Vehicle: Type 5 Ka-Ri

The game’s first Japanese tank destroyer for World War II mode is built to hit hard from the mid-line. Available in the Season Pass.

New 3D Commander: Gunpei Takeda

This Commander embodies the loyalty, discipline, and skill that define the samurai spirit. Gunpei Takeda starts with three open Skill slots and has a +30% Commander XP bonus earn rate. Available upon purchase of the Ultimate Season Pass.

New Vehicle: Object 490 “Topol”

Its gun is powerful and accurate, and its frontal armor is robust. This Cold War heavy tank was made to be a fighter. Available upon purchase of the Ultimate Season Pass.