Be proud, Commander

There’s no better time to demonstrate your commitment than the latest season of World of Tanks Modern Armor: Patriots! Take on 100 stages and earn rewards in a season inspired by celebrations of national spirit. Follow either the Free Rewards path or pursue greater rewards with a Season Pass or Ultimate Season Pass.

Here are some of the highlights this season offers.

New Vehicle: K1

Make way for the game’s first South Korean tank! This Cold War heavy tank was inspired by the Abrams tank series, but it employs Siege Mode to stand in a class all its own. Available in the Season Pass.

New 3D Commander: General Patton

This four-star Hero Commander starts with four open Skill slots and has a +30% Commander XP bonus earn rate. Available upon purchase of the Ultimate Season Pass.

New Vehicle: TS-60

Bring the boom to your World War II matches with this American tank destroyer. Its gun is built to hit hard and make an impression, most often on enemy armor. Available upon purchase of the Ultimate Season Pass.