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WoT’s Happening This Week! June 18th – June 24th
JUNE 18, 2024

It’s a week for true military history fans, thanks to a new Premium tank and new 2D Commanders all inspired by real-life military figures!

Click below or read on to see WoT’s Happening:



British military minds built a model of this tank, but the vehicle never entered production. Why should that stop you?

Take command of the British Tier X Nemesis Main Battle Tank Heavy Tank, a hull-down wonder that boasts surprising mobility along with one of the most powerful guns you’ll find on a British heavy.

Learn about this new tank in its spotlight article.

Nemesis MBT Resized



Ready to test your completion skills? Say no more.

Earn the Mercenary Tier IV Roundabout Tank Destroyer along with additional rewards in this short, two-week-only contract.

Get all the details, including the rewards waiting for you, in this article.




New drops! And these are particularly special. Inside the latest batch of Commander War Chests, you can get 10 new 2D Standard Commanders based on legendary figures in the development of armored warfare. That’s in addition to all the other Commanders plus the possible Boosters and Premium Account time you might get.

Commander War Chests are available for 400 Gold each, only in the in-game Store. Read the stories behind the new Commanders and see everything else available in the drops. It’s all in this article.

Commander War Chest


Weekly Challenges


You’ve got three repeatable Challenges available to you, Commander.

Continuing this week’s theme of “the history of tanks,” one of them even pays tribute to a unique invention: the remote-controlled vehicle known as the Teletank. These Emblems are rare, so don’t miss ‘em!

Recon In Force
Detect 1 or more vehicles while destroying 1 or more vehicles in a battle
x1.25 Silver



World War II: Available to all Tiers
Cold War: Available to all Eras
Available to Multiplayer and Co-Op only
Available three times per day


Top of The Class
Place in the top 5 XP earners in a winning battle
x1.25 Vehicle XP



World War II: Available to all Tiers
Cold War: Available to all Eras
Available to Multiplayer and Co-Op only
Available once per day per vehicle


Deal 50,000 or more damage in any number of battles
One of the following pairs of drops:

x4 Commander XP Booster (1)
Emblem: Teletank Fire! (1)


x4 Commander XP Booster (1)
Emblem: Teletank Controller (1)



World War II: Available to Tiers III - X
Cold War: Available to all Eras
Available to Multiplayer only (excludes Co-Op)


Chest Earner: Tank War Chests


Chest Earner returns! This is your chance to earn up to three Tank War Chests and receive items from the current drop lists. Get ‘em while you can!

Chest Earner
Deal 1,000 or more damage in 10 battles
Tank War Chest (1)



World War II: Available to all Tiers
Cold War: Available to all Eras
Available to Multiplayer and Co-Op
Available three times per account


On Track:

UK Mediums


Tankfest is coming. Get ready to celebrate at The Tank Museum in Bovington by building up your British medium tank collection with On Track!

With On Track, you get a +25% Vehicle XP bonus every time you play one of the tanks in a specific Tech Tree line, plus a Silver discount whenever you purchase one. “UK Mediums” are the theme this time; work hard, and you could even claim both available Tier Xs in record time!

On Track: UK Mediums
+25% Vehicle XP bonus on every tank in the line


50% Silver Discount on Tiers III – VI:

30% Silver Discount on Tiers VII – X:


Hero Skins


Did you know? Skins don’t just make your tank look even more impressive; they also add a bonus to concealment. And this week only, you can get the Hero Skins for the M50 Ontos and T-72M1 for 20% off from the Store.

(Heads up: if you don’t own these tanks yet, they’re available in this week’s Wallet Savers. Check under the “Weekly Sales” below!)

Ambush Hero Skin for M50 Ontos
Burnt Steel Hero Skin for T-72M1
web animation

3,000 Gold

2,400 Gold

20% Savings

  • “Burnt Steel” Hero Skin for the T-72M1

3,000 Gold

2,400 Gold

20% Savings

June Tank of the Month DLC:

FV214 Conqueror Mk 2


Become the frontline’s reinforcer with the hard-hitting gun of the FV214 Conqueror Mk 2!

Get this tank along with bonus content all this month in the June Tank of the Month bundle:

This bundle can be yours for $9.99 USD. Get it for your system of choice at the links below:



Remember, Commander: All Premium vehicle bundles purchased from the Store come with their own Vehicle slot and a mix of standard and Premium ammo. If you want to send any of the bundles below as a gift, make sure that you and the receiver are friends on both your device and in the game.


Weekly Deals

If ever there was a great week for a deal on Commander XP Boosters, the week that new military Commanders come out would be it.

  • x4 Commander XP Boosters (20)

2,060 Gold

850 Gold

58% Savings

Wallet Savers

Every week, you’ll find new Wallet Savers—Premium vehicles for both World War II and Cold War that are available at a 30% discount, that week only. Take a look at the latest deals!

Themed Discounts: Stormy Seas

NEW! Earn battle XP to unlock the deals below at great discounts. Each vehicle or Skin offer is available to players who don’t yet own the tank or Skin. Each offer is available for 72 hours from the moment you unlock it in game. Don’t miss out!

These deals follow the Allies as Operation: Overlord progressed toward the goal of French liberation through June 1944. Allied forces persevered despite the damage that their floating supply harbors (“Mulberries”) suffered in a June 19th storm.

Take a look at this week’s supplies below!

  • Available in this offer: “Arrow” Premium Skin for the T-34
  • Earn 10,000 XP in battle to unlock a 50% discount.

  • Available in this offer: Königstiger Premium Skin for the Tiger II
  • Earn 25,000 XP in battle to unlock a 50% discount.


Available Contracts

Check out the article details to find out how you can earn one of these tanks:

  • SmoothMan – Buyouts available through June 24th
  • AMBT – Contract open through July 29th (buyouts through August 5th)
  • Tusk – Contract open through September 9th (buyouts through September 16th)

War Chests

Restock on essentials like Boosters and Premium Account time, or even get new Commanders or Premium tanks, with War Chests! Each type of War Chest is packed with its own special combination of random drops that’s worth at least the cost of the chest, if not more.

Standard War Chests and seasonal War Chests (like the Summer War Chests) are available as DLC bundles in the in-game Store, the PlayStation Store, and the Microsoft Store. Tank War Chests and Commander War Chests are available for Gold, only in the in-game Store.

Check out the current drops below!



Log on to the Celebrations companion website to check your season progress, compare stats with other players (from both platforms), and see how close you are to finishing the current in-game season and earning an end-of-the-event discount on a new tank (or possibly two!).

Learn more in this article. To access the Celebrations website, click here.


Booster and Consumable Sales


Our sales on bundles of high-value boosters and Premium Consumables are still running, so stock up while you can.

See all the available bundles listed here.

Thunderbolt Resized

Stridsfordon 9040/56


A fast-firing Bofors 40mm autocannon coupled with anti-tank missiles make the Stridsfordon 9040/56 Détente Era (Era 3) Independent Light Tank the ideal antagonist for the opposition’s scouts.

Learn all about this Cold War vehicle here.


Tank Mastery


Choose a tank class, showcase your skills, earn Mastery Badges, and rise to the top of Tank Mastery!

Rewards such as Silver, Premium Consumables, and even your exclusive Class Mastery Emblems and Medal await.

All the details can be found right here.

Tank Mastery Challenge Header

The Long Haul


The Long Haul returns to reward you for your perseverance! Details below.

The Long Haul



Place in the top seven XP earners on your team in 75 battles
One of the following, awarded at random:

Private War Chest

Sergeant War Chest

General War Chest



World War II: Available to Tiers III - X
Cold War: Available to all Eras
Available to Multiplayer only (excludes Co-Op)
Available two times per account



Get the latest info and see what’s ahead for World of Tanks Modern Armor in each of this week’s streams! You can view them in two places:

Tanking with KB


Join TOG II* enthusiast and supreme social media presence KB along with guests for a two-hour community stream that’s packed with gameplay. Get your tanking fix in!

Weekly Assault with Tankz0rz and BAM1500


Join Creative Producer Tankz0rz and Lead Game Designer BAM1500 for an in-depth discussion and a first look at upcoming releases, this Friday starting at 2:00 PM Central (19:00 UTC)!

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