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WoT’s Happening This Week! July 9th – July 15th
JULY 9, 2024

Bastille Day, one of the most important holidays in France, takes place this Sunday, July 14th. But thanks to the new On Track, Premium tank, and sales starting today, no need to wait THAT long to get into the spirit of La République.

Click below or read on to see WoT’s Happening:



Voilà, le French Tier VIII ERAC 105 Proto Light Tank! This French scout, with its mobility, sneakiness, and gun, gives you options on how you wish to scout.

Want to learn more about this saboteur? Click here.

ERAC 105 Proto_1920



We shall say this only once: Marie "La Martyre" Minot is the latest 3D Hero Commander to join the game. And she’s ready to put her +30% Commander XP Bonus and three open Skill slots at your service.

Assign her to your vehicles and get ready to lead a French Resistance fighter into your next battles!

  • Marie “La Martyre” Minot 3D Hero Commander

3,300 Gold

Marie La Martyre Minot


On Track: France


Ready to assemble your tank parade?

On Track’s covering the entire French Tech Tree for World War II mode. Make the most of its +25% Vehicle XP bonus every time you play a Tech Tree tank, along with the Silver discounts when purchasing your vehicle.

On Track: France

+25% Vehicle XP bonus on every tank in the French Tech Tree (World War II)


50% Silver Discount on Tiers III – VI

30% Silver Discount on Tiers VII – X

Bastille Day Garage Gear + XP Bonus


This weekend, get a x3 Vehicle XP bonus on your first win each day with every tank you play!

And log in the first time between Friday the 12th and next Tuesday’s server restart to receive two pieces of Garage Gear.

Memorial Day Garage Gear - Bastogne Street Sign Screenshot
Eiffel Tower_Garage Gear
web animation


Bastille Day Sales


Bastille Day commemorates the storming of the Bastille prison on July 14th during the French Revolution.

Ready to see what we’re prepared for this holiday? It’s all here.

Fraternité Char Mle. 75 Rendered Picture

July Tank of the Month DLC:

Strv S1


The Strv S1 uses Siege Mode to gain improved accuracy, gun depression, and gun elevation values. So what are you waiting for? Get this Swedish instigator and lay siege to the enemy!

The Strv S1 is available with bonus content all this month in the Tank of the Month bundle:

This bundle can be yours for $9.99 USD. Get it for your system of choice at the links below:




Remember, Commander: All Premium vehicle bundles purchased from the Store come with their own Vehicle slot and a mix of standard and Premium ammo. If you want to send any of the bundles below as a gift, make sure that you and the receiver are friends on both your device and in the game.


Weekly Deals

(Information updated on July 9th) Got a Tech Tree line you’re working on? Earn increased Silver in your next twenty battles with this week’s discounted Booster bundle!

  • x1.5 Silver Boosters (20)

1,860 Gold

870 Gold

53% Savings

Wallet Savers

Every week, you’ll find new Wallet Savers—Premium vehicles for both World War II and Cold War that are available at a 30% discount, that week only. Take a look at the latest deals!

Super Savings

Earn battle XP to unlock the deals below at a 50% discount. Each Super Savings vehicle or Skin offer is available to players who don’t yet own the tank or Skin. Each offer is available for 72 hours from the moment you unlock it in game. Don’t miss out!

  • Premium Consumables are special items that can make all the difference at the right time. They’re reusable after a short cooldown period, giving you the edge over the competition. Just a note: Enhanced Smokescreen and Enhanced Hull Patch Kit are Cold War Mode exclusives. Included in this offer:
    • Enhanced Fire Suppressor (10)
    • Enhanced Med Kit (10)
    • Enhanced Repair Kit (10)
    • Enhanced Fuel Boost (10)
    • Enhanced Rations (10)
    • Enhanced Smokescreen (10)
    • Enhanced Hull Patch Kit (10)
  • Earn 8,000 XP in battle to unlock the 50% Super Savings discount.

  • Whether you want a concealment bonus, or you’re just looking to stand out on the MVP screen, get a Camo voucher for each map environment in the game. Included in this offer:
    • Camouflage Voucher (4)
  • Earn 20,000 XP in battle to unlock the 50% Super Savings discount.
  • Included in this offer: Italian Tier VIII Bisonte C45 Heavy Tank
    • With its notable burst damage, gun depression values, and medium-like mobility, the Bisonte C45 is a tank that’s easy to get used to.
  • Earn 40,000 XP in battle to unlock the 50% Super Savings discount.


Available Contracts

Check out the article details to find out how you can earn one of these tanks:

  • Needle – FINAL WEEK! Contract open through July 16th (buyouts through July 22nd)
  • AMBT – Contract open through July 29th (buyouts through August 5th)
  • Tusk – Contract open through September 9th (buyouts through September 16th)

War Chests

Restock on essentials like Boosters and Premium Account time, or even get new Commanders or Premium tanks, with War Chests! Each type of War Chest is packed with its own special combination of random drops that’s worth at least the cost of the chest, if not more.

Standard War Chests and seasonal War Chests are available as DLC bundles in the in-game Store, the PlayStation Store, and the Microsoft Store. Tank War Chests and Commander War Chests are available for Gold, only in the in-game Store.

Check out the current drops below!



Log on to the Celebrations companion website to check your season progress, compare stats with other players (from both platforms), and see how close you are to finishing the current in-game season and earning an end-of-the-event discount on a new tank (or possibly two!).

Learn more in this article. To access the Celebrations website, click here.


Nemesis Main Battle Tank


ATTENTION! It’s your last week to recruit the British Tier X Nemesis Main Battle Tank Heavy Tank. Don’t miss your chance to add a real collector’s item (with impressive firepower) to your arsenal.

Get more details in its spotlight article.

Nemesis MBT Resized

Desert Warrior


The Desert Warrior Détente Era (Era 3) Western Alliance Light Tank combines its fast-firing and accurate main gun with missiles to unleash all sorts of havoc in your Cold War matches.

Find all the details on this hellraiser in its spotlight article.


USA Camo Set


You can still obtain your USA Patriotic 24 Camo patterns in a discounted Store bundle for another week, Commander. Don’t miss it! You can apply this pattern on any tank from any mode you want.

  • USA Patriotic 24 Camo – Summer (1)
  • USA Patriotic 24 Camo – Winter (1)
  • USA Patriotic 24 Camo – Desert (1)
  • USA Patriotic 24 Camo – Urban (1)

1,000 Gold

750 Gold

25% Savings

Chest Earner: Commander War Chests


And you can also still earn Commander War Chests while the Chest Earner Challenge is live for another week. Details below.

Chest Earner
Deal 1,000 or more damage in 10 battles
Commander War Chest (1)



World War II: Available to all Tiers
Cold War: Available to all Eras
Available to Multiplayer and Co-Op
Available five times per account


Commander War Chest

Red, White, and Blue Sales


Sometimes, non-vehicle sales are just what you need. Whether you’re looking to deck out your tanks the way you want them, load up on a high-value currency, or pick your next piece of Equipment, here’s what’s waiting for you as soon as you fire up the game.

25% off Equipment


50% off Cosmetics (excluding Skins for tanks and Commanders)


Free XP conversion bonus: 1 Gold to 37 Free XP


Patriots Unite


This Earn Challenge gives you the possibility to choose one of two reward tanks once you complete it in its entirety:

Get the Challenge details, and see what other rewards await you, in this article.

Patriot T26E5 Render - July 4th

M26 Pershing T99


The American Tier VIII M26 Pershing T99 Medium Tank combines the gameplay familiarity of U.S. medium tanks with rockets. Need we say more?

Learn all about this vehicle, and get its gameplay tips, here.

M26 Pershing T99 Rendered Image

XM1 (GM)


A prototype for the M1 Abrams, the XM1 (GM) Escalation Era (Era 2) Western Alliance Heavy Tank is fast, packs a punch, and gives you sturdy frontal protection to deploy in your matches.

Find all the details about this Cold War bulwark here.

XM1 Rendered Image

The Long Haul


The Long Haul returns to reward you for your perseverance! Details below.

The Long Haul



Place in the top seven XP earners on your team in 75 battles
One of the following, awarded at random:

Private War Chest

Sergeant War Chest

General War Chest



World War II: Available to Tiers III - X
Cold War: Available to all Eras
Available to Multiplayer only (excludes Co-Op)
Available two times per account



Get the latest info and see what’s ahead for World of Tanks Modern Armor in each of this week’s streams! You can view them in two places:

And if you’re watching on Twitch, you can now get new Twitch Drops every week! Drops refresh every Tuesday with the server restart. Check out our Twitch Drops page for the lists of drops and eligible streams.

KB’s TOG II* Tuesdays - Update


Due to technical difficulties, KB will not be able to stream today. Luckily, Creative Producer Tankz0rz is here to save the day! Get your tanking fix in at the usual hour.

Weekly Assault with Tankz0rz and BAM1500


Join Creative Producer Tankz0rz and Lead Game Designer BAM1500 for an in-depth discussion and a first look at upcoming releases, this Friday starting at 2:00 PM Central (19:00 UTC)!

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