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TIGERS - Complete Season Information
MARCH 22, 2024

Show your courage and complete the season’s 100 levels to earn Premium tanks and more rewards! Find all the details below.


The battlefield is an unforgiving place, where only the apex predators and the bravest warriors survive. And the latest season of World of Tanks Modern Armor is no different. Tap into your inner beast and prepare to take on TIGERS!

Inspired by Japanese and samurai culture, Tigers is a season where your success will depend on your dedication to your duty and brethren. So, summon your courage, charge into battle, and complete the season’s Challenges to earn points and rise through 100 levels full of rich rewards.

Follow the links below or scroll down for all the season information you need.

Reward Highlights and Season Pass Info

The Tigers season starts on Tuesday, March 26th, and runs through Monday, May 20th.

You can choose one of three paths to follow in order to earn season rewards and content:

  • Free Rewards
  • Season Pass Rewards
  • Ultimate Season Pass Rewards

Everyone automatically receives rewards from the Free Rewards path. If, at any point in the season, you decide to get a Season Pass or Ultimate Season Pass, you’ll also receive the rewards you’ve earned up to your current level.

Find all the reward details broken down by level in the “Seasons” tab in the game. Once there, you can also see the season Challenges available. Finish these to receive the points you need to complete each of the season’s 100 levels. You’ll find updated rewards throughout the levels, including Camo Vouchers added in by popular demand.

To help you in your journey, we’ve made you a graphic with a summary of everything you can get in the Tigers season.


You can also see the highlights from each reward path in the boxes below:

  • Rewards every few levels (includes Silver, Gold, Boosters, days Premium Account, and more)
  • Garage Gear: Japanese Wooden Lantern 1 at Level 30
  • Garage Gear: Japanese Stone Lantern 1 at Level 63
  • Sakanoue no Tamuramaro 2D Standard Commander at Level 75
  • Japanese Tier VIII Orochi O-Ni Heavy Tank upon completing Level 100
  • Tigers Season Medal upon completing Level 100

Automatically available for FREE to all players!

  • All rewards from the Free Rewards path
  • Additional rewards at EVERY LEVEL!
  • Samurai Spirit Inscription Voucher at Level 3
  • Tiger 1 Emblem Voucher at Level 7
  • Japanese Tier VI Heavy Tank No. VI Heavy Tank at Level 25
  • Ka-Ri Sumatran Tiger Skin at Level 37
  • Cherry Blossoms Emblem Voucher at Level 43
  • Garage Gear: Japanese Shishi Odoshi at Level 48
  • Tiger 2 Emblem Voucher at Level 53
  • Tri-Colored Stripes Camo at Level 61
  • Katana Inscription Voucher at Level 63
  • Bonsai Tree Emblem Voucher at Level 71
  • American Tier VIII TS-5 Tank Destroyer at Level 75
  • Tigers Season Emblem Voucher at Level 83
  • Samurai Helmet Emblem Voucher at Level 98
  • NEW! Japanese Tier VIII Type 5 Ka-Ri Tank Destroyer + Skin at Level 100
  • Enough Gold to cover the next 2,000 Gold Season Pass

Available for 2,000 Gold in the Store

  • All rewards from the Free Rewards path
  • All rewards from the Season Pass path
  • 25 levels already completed
  • NEW! Gunpei Takeda 3D Hero Commander - awarded at purchase
  • NEW! Object 490 "Topol" Détente Era (Era 3) Eastern Alliance Heavy Tank - awarded at purchase
  • Object 490 "Topol" Factory Fresh Skin - awarded at purchase

Available for 6,000 Gold in the Store

All level-by-level rewards can be viewed in the game, and here are the Garage Gear rewards waiting for you in the Tigers season.

Tigers Season Garage Gear Rewards

Japanese Wooden Lantern 1

Japanese Stone Lantern 1

Japanese Shishi Odoshi

And if you want a glimpse of the themed Cosmetics you can earn with the Season Pass and Ultimate Season Pass (and the Tigers Season Medal that everyone gets after Level 100), take a look at the table below.

Tigers Season Cosmetics and Medal

Samurai Spirit Inscription

Tiger 1 Emblem

Cherry Blossoms Emblem

Tiger 2 Emblem

Katana Inscription

Bonsai Tree Emblem

Tigers Season Emblem

Samurai Helmet

Tigers Season Medal


NOTE: It’s possible for you to get a regular Season Pass and later upgrade to the Ultimate Season Pass. Head to the in-game Store, where you’ll find the Upgrade to Ultimate option available for 4,000 Gold.

And whether you choose the Free Rewards, Season Pass, or Ultimate Season Pass, completing all 100 levels of the Tigers season will grant you bonuses in battle throughout the rest of it:

Complete Level 100
Receive a +25% Vehicle XP bonus on every multiplayer battle for the rest of the season
Complete 18 additional levels (earn 90 additional points) after Level 100
Receive a +25% Commander XP bonus on every multiplayer battle for the rest of the season
Complete 24 additional levels (earn 120 additional points) after Level 100
Receive a +25% Silver bonus on every multiplayer battle for the rest of the season

Tigers Starter Pack

Warriors require the best gear when heading into battle. So, make sure you get your FREE Tigers Starter Pack DLC to charge into your next matches with:

  • Premium Time – 3 Days
  • x2 Silver Boosters (5)
  • x3 Vehicle XP Boosters (5)
  • x4 Commander XP Boosters (5)

Get it from the in-game Store, the PlayStation Store, or the Xbox Store:

  • PlayStation – North America/Asia
  • PlayStation – Europe
  • Xbox

Please note: This pack cannot be gifted. Availability may vary by platform and region and may be delayed until after season release day. DLC available only once per account.

Tigers: Season Tanks

You can also work your way toward the reliable World War II Premium tanks waiting for you in the Tigers season. Included among them is the Orochi O-Ni, which all players receive after completing Level 100.


Already own these tanks? Then, you’ll receive their Silver value as compensation once you complete their associated level:

And just as tigers face their challenges head-on, so do the season's new tanks. Tame the first-ever Japanese tank destroyer for World War II mode, which mounts a no-nonsense gun, and a versatile Cold War heavy that lives up to the highest standards of the Détente era.

Type 5 Ka-Ri

  • Mode: World War II
  • Nation: Japan
  • Tier: VIII
  • Class: Tank Destroyer

The Type 5 Ka-Ri’s gun offers you incredible alpha damage with equally impressive penetration values. Its mobility also stands out. Easily take the best positions on the battlefield ASAP and, despite being a tank destroyer, trust your armor to bounce an incoming round or two.


Tank Characteristics: Type 5 Ka-Ri

  • Matchmaking: Plays up to Tier X
  • Tank XP Bonus: 10%
  • Silver Bonus: 50%
  • Hit Points: 1,250
  • Engine Power: 750 hpr
  • Power/Weight Ratio: 16.66
  • Speed Limit: 40 km/h
  • Reverse Speed: 18 km/h
  • Hull Traverse Speed: 30 deg/sec
  • Turret Traverse Speed: 22 deg/sec
  • Gun Depression: 7 deg
  • Gun Elevation: 15 deg
  • Yaw Limit: -12 12
  • Penetration: 252/298/90
  • Damage: 500/500/630
  • Aim Time: 2 sec
  • Accuracy: 0.34
  • Rate of Fire: 4.20 rounds/min
  • Reload Time: 14.3 sec
  • Damage Per Minute: 2,100
  • Max Ammo Capacity: 40 rounds
  • Shell 1 Type/Speed: AP/980
  • Shell 2 Type/Speed: APCR/1,150
  • Shell 3 Type/Speed: HE/900
  • View Range: 380 m
  • Signal Range: 750 m
Type 5 Ka-Ri_1
Type 5 Ka-Ri_2
Type 5 Ka-Ri_3
Type 5 Ka-Ri_4
web animation
Earn the Type 5 Ka-Ri by getting the Season Pass or the Ultimate Season Pass
and completing Level 100!

Object 490 "Topol"

  • Mode: Cold War
  • Affiliation: Eastern Alliance
  • Era: Détente (Era 3)
  • Class: Heavy Tank

A testament to Détente Era tanks, the Object 490 "Topol" is a mobile, hard-hitting, and sturdy piece of machinery. This Eastern Alliance heavy has spaced composite armor on its hull and turret to keep your front well-protected while you use its reliable 125mm gun. And when you weigh in its good speed, you have a flexible tank that can easily switch between assisting and offensive roles to match the nature of each battle.


Tank Characteristics: Object 490 "Topol"

  • Matchmaking: Era 3
  • Silver Bonus: 50%
  • Tank XP Bonus: 25%
  • Commander XP Bonus: 10%
  • Hit Points: 3,650
  • Engine Power: 1,000 HPR
  • Power/Weight Ratio: 24.10
  • Speed Limit: 72 km/h
  • Reverse Speed: 30 km/h
  • Hull Traverse Speed: 44 deg/sec
  • Turret Traverse Speed: 40 deg/sec
  • Gun Depression: 6 deg
  • Gun Elevation: 14 deg
  • Penetration: 606/697/155
  • Damage: 550/550/690
  • Aim Time: 2.3 sec
  • Accuracy: 0.28
  • Rate of Fire: 6.98 rounds/min
  • Reload Time: 8.6 sec
  • Damage Per Minute: 3,839
  • Max Ammo Capacity: 50 rounds
  • Shell 1 Type/Speed: APFSDS / 1,700
  • Shell 2 Type/Speed: APFSDS / 1,700
  • Shell 3 Type/Speed: HE/ 850
  • View Range: 485 m
  • Signal Range: 690 m
Object 490 Topol With Skin
Object 490 Topol_1
Object 490 Topol_2
Object 490 Topol_3
Object 490 Topol_4
web animation
The Object 490 "Topol" is exclusive to the Tigers Ultimate Season Pass.

Don’t miss it!

Tigers: Season Commanders

Warriors who complete Level 75 will receive the Sakanoue no Tamuramaro 2D Standard Commander. This proud shōgun starts with one open Skill slot and earns Commander XP at the standard rate.

Sakanoue no Tamuramaro

And he brought with him his most loyal servant.

Raised to hold the sword and serve his master for as long as he can remember, the unwaveringly loyal Gunpei Takeda is this season’s new 3D Commander. Lead him to battle!


Fear not a million untrained swords. But the warrior who can use the sword and the brush.

As a Hero Commander, Gunpei Takeda starts with three open Skill slots and earns Commander XP at an incredible +30% bonus rate.

Gunpei Takeda will be awarded to you immediately upon purchase of an Ultimate Season Pass. Head over to the Commanders’ tab to customize him with your preferred Skills and hone your abilities in battle!

(Please note: Gunpei Takeda does NOT come with custom voiceover.)

Season Level Buyouts

Whether you get a pass or not, you can use Gold to skip or buyout levels and reach your rewards more quickly!

Here’s how to do it:

  • Highlight the level you want to skip and press A (Xbox) or X (PS) to skip the level.
  • You can skip one, multiple, or all levels. The Gold cost will be based on how many levels are being skipped.

Level buyouts are 250 Gold per level. There will be NO season overtime or opportunity to skip levels after May 20th.

Fight like the tiger!

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