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Commander War Chests – New Commanders From the Pages of History

New drops! These Commander War Chests include new 2D Commanders inspired by real-life military legends. Don’t miss out!


Every tank crew needs a strong commanding officer. And no matter how skilled a strategist you are, it never hurts to have some of history’s greatest military minds by your side in battle.

Recruit new allies today with the latest batch of Commander War Chests, available only in the in-game Store for 400 Gold each!

Commander War Chest

Every Commander War Chest will grant you a Commander (either 2D or 3D and either Standard, Premium, or Hero) together with Commander XP Boosters (with some drops including Premium Account time). Each chest will give you a value equivalent to the Gold price of the chest, if not more.

Here are your possible drops together with their drop rates:

Drop % Drop Rate
x2 Commander XP Booster
x4 Commander XP Booster
x6 Commander XP Booster
x8 Commander XP Booster
Premium Account - 1 Day
Premium Account - 7 Days
2D Commander (Standard, Premium, or Hero)
3D Premium Commander
3D Hero Commander

This edition of Commander War Chests is particularly special to us. Because of events like Tankfest 2024 and the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings, this summer is a rich time to study and honor military history.

So, included in these chests are 10 new 2D Standard Commanders inspired by renowned figures from the development of armored warfare. Take a look and learn more about each one below!

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Jock Campbell

MC01 Jock Campbell r01

John Charles “Jock” Campbell began his military career with the British Army’s Honourable Artillery Company during World War I. However, it was during World War II that he received his greatest renown. His leadership of an independent “flying column” of troops against Italian forces in 1940 was so effective that these formations became known as “Jock columns.”

Later, his decisive command and frontline heroism during Operation Crusader in 1941 earned him the Victoria Cross.

Hugh Elles

MC02 Hugh Elles

Brigadier General Hugh Elles was the first commanding officer of the British Army’s Tank Corps, which was formed from the Machine Gun Corps’ Heavy Branch in 1917. Determined to prove the value of tanks, Elles led plans for a massive assault on German forces near the French town of Cambrai that would require tanks, cavalry, and infantry to attack in tandem.

The Battle of Cambrai began on November 20, 1917, with Elles commanding from a tank near the formation’s center and flying a Tank Corps flag of his own creation. The combined forces ultimately broke through German defenses.

Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg

MC03 Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg

Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg began his military career with the German Army in 1904. He participated in both World War I and World War II, climbing the ranks as the years passed. From 1937 to 1939, he led the 3rd Panzer (armored) Division, which, with 391 tanks, was the largest division involved in the 1939 invasion of Poland.

Afterward, Geyr achieved success in eastern Europe, particularly during Heinz Guderian’s 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union, before being sent to France and becoming tasked with command of the newly formed Panzer Group West in 1943.

John Capper

MC04 John Capper r01

As the first director-general of the British Army’s Tank Corps, Major-General Sir John Edward Capper played a key role, along with Hugh Elles, in expanding the use of armored vehicles in war; in fact, Elles served as the corps’ operational commander beneath him.

Yet Capper enjoyed a career as a venerated military engineer well before that. In 1915, he was appointed Chief Engineer of the British Army; prior to that, in 1907, he and Samuel Franklin Cody achieved the first flight of a British military airship.

Ernest Swinton

MC05 Ernest Swinton

Ernest Swinton was not only a career officer in the British Army; he was also a military scholar, theorist, and engineer responsible for key elements of the general design of armored vehicles. Swinton’s inspiration came in a 1914 letter from friend Hugh Marriott, who suggested that tracked tractors could have not just agricultural but military uses. When development of the new armored vehicle stalled, in 1915, Swinton sent a statement of work to Commander-in-Chief John French.

Records suggest that in a meeting in December of that year, Swinton also coined the vehicle’s name: the military tank.

LeRoy Eltinge

MC06 LeRoy Eltinge

In 1917, under the leadership of General John Pershing, Lieutenant Colonel LeRoy Eltinge was assigned the task of determining what would be needed in order for the U.S. military to establish a tank corps or “Combat Tank Service” as part of its American Expeditionary Forces.

In addition to studying and recommending British and French tanks for military use, Eltinge made another particularly notable contribution to U.S. military history that year: he recommended that a then-Captain George S. Patton, Jr., apply to join this new tank service.

Samuel D. Rockenbach

MC07 Samuel D. Rockenbach

After the U.S. Tank Corps was formed in 1917, it was placed under the command of Brigadier General Samuel D. Rockenbach, a career military officer whose service extended back to the 1890s and the Spanish-American War. Rockenbach, reporting directly to General Pershing, was a dedicated advocate for the use of tanks in war; in 1918, he tasked his officers to write first-hand accounts of their experiences with operating tanks, to provide a better understanding of armored vehicle combat.

His advocacy continued after World War I, as he then served as Chief of the Tank Corps and Commander of the Tank School at Camp Meade.

Jean Touzet du Vigier

MC08 Jean Touzet du Vigier r01

As an instructor at French military training academies throughout the 1920s and 1930s, Jean Touzet du Vigier spoke with enthusiasm about the need to mechanize France’s armed forces. His advocacy served him well during World War II, when, after initially serving the German-backed Vichy France government, he joined the Free French resistance, eventually commanding the 1st Armored Division.

Touzet du Vigier’s troops were said to be among the first to reach the Rhine during the Allied advance toward Germany near the war’s end.

Bruce Magruder

MC09 Bruce Magruder

Bruce Magruder began his career with the U.S. Army in 1904, when he enlisted as a private. Through service that included two world wars and numerous other assignments, Magruder rose to the rank of major general.

When, in response to German tank doctrine, the 1st Armored Division was formed in 1940, Magruder was placed in command. The division remains active today and still carries the nickname that Magruder gave it: “Old Ironsides,” a reference to a renowned naval warship, the USS Constitution.

Donald Marshall Call

MC10 Donald Marshall Call

Corporal Donald M. Call joined the U.S. Tank Corps in 1918 and served in the 344th Battalion under then-Lieutenant Colonel George S. Patton, Jr. In September of that year, while Call and a fellow officer were engaging enemy troops near Varennes, France, their tank was struck by artillery. Although Call escaped the wreckage, he returned under heavy fire to rescue the officer and carry him to a secure location.

For his bravery and selflessness, Call became the first member of a tank crew to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor, which General John Pershing presented to him after the end of World War I.

These new Commanders will be available as possible drops along with military history-inspired Commanders from past chests and events. Get them while you can!

Here are the complete lists of all the content you can possibly receive in your Commander War Chest.

Note: All 2D Commanders are Standard Commanders unless otherwise noted.

  • Jock Campbell – NEW!
  • Hugh Elles – NEW!
  • Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg – NEW!
  • John Capper – NEW!
  • Ernest Swinton – NEW!
  • LeRoy Eltinge – NEW!
  • Samuel D. Rockenbach – NEW!
  • Jean Touzet du Vigier – NEW!
  • Bruce Magruder – NEW!
  • Donald Marshall Call – NEW!
  • Bernard Law Montgomery
  • Bernard Law Montgomery (Hero)
  • Bernard Law Montgomery (Premium)
  • George S. Patton
  • George S. Patton (Hero)
  • George S. Patton (Premium)
  • Kurt Knispel
  • Otto Carius
  • Erwin Rommel
  • Creighton Abrams (Premium)
  • Creighton Abrams (Hero)
  • Douglas MacArthur
  • Percy Hobart
  • John J. Pershing
  • Lafayette G. Pool
  • Sereno E. Brett
  • Sereno E. Brett (Premium)
  • Zinoviy Kolobanov
  • Alexander Fadin
  • Adrian Clements Gore
  • Alfie Nicholls
  • Ferdinand Foch
  • Paul Girot de Langlade
  • Philippe Leclerc
  • Sydney Radley-Walters
  • Giovanni Messe (Axis)
  • Giovanni Messe (Allies)
  • Stanislaw Maczek
  • Wacław Micuta
  • Tamada Yoshio
  • Roman Edmund Orlik
  • Edmund Orlik (Hero)
  • Heinz Wilhelm Guderian
  • Johannes Bölter
  • Harvey L. Harris
  • Dean M. Gilfillan
  • Alexander Burda
  • Erkki Halonen
  • Reino Lehväslaiho
  • Ervin Tarczay

  • Big Budda Bill (Premium)
  • George "Sandman" Harding (Premium)
  • Felix Ziegler (Premium)
  • Nick “Cavalry” Killian (Premium)
  • Travis “Sparky” Nelson (Premium)
  • Major “Butch” Alan (Hero)
  • Vasquez (Hero)
  • Desert Fox Daniels (Hero)
  • Mary the Mechanic (Hero)
  • Major “Butch” Alan (with 1 extra slot) (Hero)
  • Vasquez (with 1 extra slot) (Hero)
  • Desert Fox Daniels (with 1 extra slot) (Hero)
  • Mary the Mechanic (with 1 extra slot) (Hero)
  • x2 Commander XP Booster
  • x4 Commander XP Booster
  • x6 Commander XP Booster
  • x8 Commander XP Booster

  • Premium Account – 1 Day
  • Premium Account – 7 Days

Here are some examples of what the contents of a Commander War Chest might look like:

  • Example #1: Jock Campbell 2D Standard Commander + x2 Commander XP Booster (2)
  • Example #2: Felix Ziegler 3D Premium Commander + x4 Commander XP Booster (2) + x2 Commander XP Booster (5)
  • Example #3: Major “Butch” Alan 3D Hero Commander + x6 Commander XP Booster (2) + x2 Commander XP Booster (5) + 1 Day of Premium Account
  • Example #4: Mary the Mechanic 3D Hero Commander (with one extra Skill slot) + x8 Commander XP Booster (2) + x2 Commander XP Booster (5) + 7 Days of Premium Account

And on top of that, you’re GUARANTEED to receive at least one 3D Hero Commander after every 20th Commander War Chest you unlock. In other words, if you don’t receive a 3D Hero Commander by your 19th chest, your 20th chest will contain one of the possible 3D Hero Commanders. Just keep in mind the following:

  • When the Guaranteed 3D Hero Commander mechanic is activated, the Commander you receive won’t be one that you have already received from a previous Guaranteed system, until you have received ALL of the possible Commander drops from the Guaranteed system.
  • Once you get a 3D Hero Commander as a drop, your 20-chest counter resets.
  • Important! Please see the July 23rd Update Notes for information about the anti-duplicate system added for War Chests that can be purchased with Gold.

Don’t miss out on the current drops. Head to the Store and grab one of the latest Commander War Chests for 400 Gold starting June 18th!

Note: The content of the chests includes seasonal content that is subject to change. We advise you to open your chests at the time of purchase to receive content from the current drop table.

Every Commander War Chest contains groups of items that are at least the same value as the cost of the chest itself. Commander War Chests are non-refundable.

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