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Changes Are Coming to Cold War Costs and Progression
JAN. 12, 2024

Starting with the January 30th update, Tech Tree tanks and modules in Cold War will require less Vehicle XP and Silver, so that you can progress through the Eras more quickly.


We launched Cold War mode on April 27th, 2021. We’re proud of how it started and what it’s become; at the same time, in the spirit of improvement, we’ve constantly thought about ways to make it even better for everyone who plays World of Tanks Modern Armor.

We’re incredibly grateful to all of you who have played Cold War, whether you tried it out briefly or made it your go-to game mode. You’ve given us crucial feedback to help guide our decisions.

And there’s one key piece of feedback that we want to address today:

Progressing through the Cold War Tech Trees takes too long.

We agree.

We have exciting content planned for Cold War mode, including new Tech Tree lines, that we want everyone to be able to experience as quickly and easily as possible. Plus, we know that one of the most thrilling goals that you can achieve is completing an entire vehicle line!

So, starting with the game update on Tuesday, January 30th, you’ll see the following changes in Cold War to speed up your progression:

Module costs will be reduced:

54% Less Silver (overall)
62% Less Vehicle XP (overall)

Vehicle costs will be reduced:

52% Less Silver (overall)
20% Less Vehicle XP (overall)

Earn rates will be adjusted for Premium and Tech Tree tanks:

Base Silver rates will be reduced, but will still be higher than World War II
Base Vehicle XP rates will remain unchanged
Cold War Co-Op earn rates will remain unchanged
World War II earn rates and costs will remain unchanged

The end result:

On average, players will be able to complete an entire Tech Tree line in Cold War by playing

25% fewer battles

, with

millions less Vehicle XP and Silver required.

We did not come to these changes lightly, and we know you have a lot of questions. Let’s talk more about how we got here.

Why are we doing this?

When we brought Cold War mode into the game, we initially envisioned it as a late-game mode that would appeal to longtime players who had already completed one or more Tech Trees in World War II. For those players, setting up Cold War as a rigorous but rewarding challenge seemed like the most satisfying addition to the game.

World of Tanks Modern Armor First Key Art - GIF

Now, however, Cold War mode has evolved. New players can start their battlefield journey in either Cold War or World War II mode.

We want everyone, newcomers and battlefield veterans alike, to have a seamless experience no matter which game mode they prefer to play. That means bringing module costs, tank progression, and earn rates in Cold War in line with those in World War II so that the entire game experience can be balanced.

How did we get to these numbers?

With data!

We began by examining actual player data and comparing the number of days and battles it took on average for players to unlock and purchase each tank in a Cold War line versus a World War II line.

As an example, we compared data for the M1A2 Abrams line (a Western Alliance heavy tank line in Cold War) to data for the T110E5 line (a U.S. heavy tank line in World War II).

To start, the T110E5 line required far less Vehicle XP and Silver to complete:

  • 28% less Vehicle XP
  • 72% less Silver

And that meant that players needed to play far less in order to complete the T110E5 line:

  • 17% fewer days to complete the T110E5 line vs. the M1A2 Abrams line
  • 34% fewer battles to complete the T110E5 line vs. the M1A2 Abrams line

Basically: Progression through a World War II line has been faster overall for the community. And we want Cold War to be accessible at a similar pace.

After that, we ran a number of simulations. We experimented with different adjustments to Vehicle XP and Silver earn rates and costs to bring them closer to what players experience in World War II. Once we had values that we thought would work, we ran them through internal tests and measured how long it took to complete a Cold War Tech Tree line with updated costs in place.

And after our early rounds of initial tests, we got our Community Contributors involved so that we could get their essential feedback on the changes we were proposing.

Are those reductions in cost the same across every Era?

They are not! We noticed that the biggest roadblocks seemed to be situated in the Post-War Era (Era 1) and the bottom of Escalation Era (Era 2). These were the points in the Tech Tree progression where players were incurring the highest XP and Silver costs.

That’s exactly where we don’t want them to be, especially for new players who begin their tanking careers in Cold War, or any players who are simply excited to start conquering a Tech Tree line.

So, you’ll see a much greater reduction in Silver costs for tanks and modules in Post War and Escalation. Costs will also be reduced in Détente (Era 3), but not as steeply as they are in the first two Eras.

These charts compare the current vehicle and module costs in Silver to the costs you’ll see after the January 30th update:

CW Earn Changes - Slide 10 Chart - Tank Silver Costs_V2
CW Earn Changes - Slide 12 Chart - Module Silver Costs_V2

(Please note: Module costs include all possible modules at that tier and show the maximum amount possible. Not every tank will have every module.)

Vehicle XP for modules and tanks presents a different story.

As you saw in the T110E5 vs. M1A2 Abrams example, Vehicle XP requirements aren’t too different from World War II to Cold War.

So, while you will see a heavy reduction in the Vehicle XP needed to unlock tanks in Post War and Escalation, you won’t see a reduction in Détente Era XP costs for tanks (values shown include XP needed for modules):

CW Earn Changes - Slide 17 Chart - Tank XP Costs_V3

However, we do understand and agree with players stating that modules need to be unlocked earlier. As a result, you’ll see meaningful reductions in the XP needed to research modules across all three Eras:

CW Earn Changes - Slide 18 Chart - Module XP Costs_V2

To give you a concrete example, here’s a comparison of the XP and Silver needed for a specific gun module before and after the changes. In this case, we’re looking at the 105 mm Gun M68 V2 for the M48A5PI Patton:

105 mm Gun M68 V2 Module
Current Vehicle XP Required:
166,000 XP
Current Silver Required:
2,000,000 Silver
Updated Vehicle XP Required:
45,000 XP
Updated Silver Required:
350,000 Silver
Cold War Module Costs Comparison Updated

Looking at the image above, you might see this gun module’s position in the Linear Vehicle Progression and notice one additional exciting change: modules will no longer be locked behind a tank in the LVP! We’ll be adjusting the order of any modules that were positioned this way and moving them ahead of the next tank in the LVP.

This change will also go live on January 30th.

If I purchase Cold War tanks or modules now, will I be compensated for the difference in Silver after these changes go live?

There will be no Silver compensation if you choose to purchase tanks or modules before these cost reductions go live on January 30th. We hope that you can use this information now to plan your Cold War progress accordingly and make the most of your Silver!

What about that change in Silver earnings?

We know that this is the part that’s likely to cause you the most concern. We assure you that we thought about this very carefully and discussed this with Community Contributors.

Going back to our T110E5 vs. M1A2 Abrams example, you can see that the difference in the Silver needed to purchase all the tanks in a Cold War line versus a World War II line is much greater than the difference in Vehicle XP needed between the two modes:

  • 28% less Vehicle XP to complete the T110E5 line vs. the M1A2 Abrams line
  • 72% less Silver to complete the T110E5 line vs. the M1A2 Abrams line

If we truly want Cold War and World War II modes to feel integrated and part of the same game, then it’s necessary for us to adjust the Silver earn rates in Cold War mode to bring them closer to those of World War II and create a balanced economy. The change in Silver earn rates goes hand-in-hand with the changes to Silver costs in Cold War and will apply to all three Eras. On average, the base Silver earn rates across all Eras (before applying such factors as quest rewards, boosters, Premium Time, etc.) will be adjusted by -56%.

That being said, we assure you:

Silver earn rates will still be higher in Cold War than in World War II.
Cold War battles will still be profitable for Silver.

Exact Silver earn rates will always depend on a player’s performance in each battle. However, as examples, here are some simulated Silver earns that we ran using two different Post War tanks: a Premium tank, the T95E3, and a Tech Tree tank, again the M48A5PI Patton:

T95E3 M48A5PI Patton
Current average Silver earned per battle:
52,000 Silver
Current average Silver earned per battle:
29,000 Silver
Updated average Silver earned per battle:
36,000 Silver
Updated average Silver earned per battle:
17,000 Silver

What happens next?

As we mentioned, these changes will go live in the game with the update planned for Tuesday, January 30th.

We’ll monitor player feedback and, if necessary, make adjustments so that we can enhance your gaming experience.

So, please, share your thoughts! Join us on our social media accounts, including our Discord server, where you can discuss these changes with your fellow tank commanders. Your feedback will continue to shape the game’s development, so we look forward to reading it.

At the end of the day, this is our goal:

On average, players will be able to complete an entire Tech Tree line in Cold War by playing 25% fewer battles,


millions less Vehicle XP and Silver required.

We can’t wait to see you conquer new Cold War ground!

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