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FEB. 6, 2024

Join us for this epic year-long event, in which you can earn TWO possible reward tanks! Plus, check out the companion website!


You kept your Resolutions. And you’ve been an essential part of this game’s ten-year history. You know what you’ve earned, Commander?

A year’s worth of CELEBRATIONS!


Celebrations is our new year-long event, available now through February 3rd, 2025, which we’re launching in honor of the tenth anniversary of World of Tanks Modern Armor. Just like Resolutions before it, Celebrations is an event so big, it has its own website, where you can check your progress in each season throughout the coming year.

But Celebrations is even bigger than you might think. This website is a destination that’s all about the community. You can share your most notable achievements on social media and compare your stats to those of other tankers.

Not only that—at the end of Celebrations, if you complete all six seasons that it comprises, you can earn not one but TWO new reward tanks for free!

Here’s what’s waiting for you in Celebrations (please note that all images are preview images and are subject to change):


Keep an eye on your progress through each of the six seasons that make up Celebrations with the site’s visual tracker. See the rewards that are waiting for you!



Every month, one of the game’s Challenges will be branded as a Monthly Challenge. You’ll be able to track your progress in this Challenge on the Celebrations site as well—and each one of these Monthly Challenges will award you with one of twelve special collectible Emblems, available only from that Challenge.


Our first Monthly Challenge is the Anniversary: Big X Community Event, which includes in its rewards the exclusive 10th Anniversary Emblem:

Emblem - 10th Anniversary_1346

Learn more about the Anniversary: Big X Community Event in this portal article … or on the Celebrations website!


Your achievements are worth bragging about! Each season, you’ll have a unique image featuring your season’s stats that you can share on all your socials.



Speaking of getting social, what’s tanking without a little friendly competition? On the Celebrations site, you’ll be able to compare your battles played, win rate, and more to those of other players.

And yes, the comparison tool is cross-platform. See how your performance stacks up across the entire community!



We know how much you enjoyed pursuing your Monthly Rewards during Resolutions. We’ve got you, Commander. New sets of exclusive Monthly Rewards are being prepared for Celebrations. Keep an eye on the Celebrations site and our socials in the weeks to come.


Don’t worry; we didn’t forget the tanks!

Celebrations is bringing you an Annual Challenge with two reward tanks that are still under wraps. What we can tell you is that one will be for World War II, and the other will be for Cold War.


Just like in Resolutions, for each season in Celebrations, you’ll earn a stacking 20% discount on one of those two tanks of your choice. The more seasons you complete, the bigger your discount. If you complete five seasons, you’ll get the tank for free! The tank will be available after Celebrations ends.

And this is where Celebrations goes all out: if you complete all six seasons in Celebrations, you’ll get BOTH tanks free!

Here are some answers to questions that we think you might have:

  • Nope, we’re not revealing any details about the tanks just yet. Keep checking in on the Celebrations site throughout the year for more info, and in the meantime, enjoy each season!
  • If you complete five or fewer seasons, you will choose which one of the tanks you want to claim for free (or apply your discounts to) AT THE END OF CELEBRATIONS.
  • If you complete five or fewer seasons, you will be able to buy the second tank at its full price.
  • The stacking discounts you earn can apply to only ONE of the tanks. You won’t be able to split the discounts, e.g. apply 40% off to one tank and 60% off to the other.

Other fine details:

1) To log in to the Celebrations site, all you need to do is enter your gamertag and select the platform you play on.

2) We know that getting to see stats and player data is important:

  • Data regarding the completion of the current season (Annual Challenge) and the Monthly Challenges will be synced in real time. This also applies to the stage progress/interactive map data.
  • Season data like Battles Played, Wins, and Win Rate will be synced once per day at 10:00 UTC.
  • Full-season data like Classes Played, Favorite Tier or Era, and so on will be synced once, on the day that the season ends.
We hope you’re ready to tank hard this year. Join in the
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