Celebration War Chest Rendered Image Celebration War Chest Rendered Image
NEW: Celebration War Chests

Open the ultimate party box for a chance at Premium tanks and more epic content! What will you get in your first one?


As we kick off World of Tanks Modern Armor’s 10th anniversary, lock and load for your matches and get ready to party with a Celebration War Chest!

Celebration War Chest Rendered Image

Get your limited-time chests for only 500 Gold each at the in-game Store starting February 6th. You can also get your Chests in bundles of one, five, and twenty-five.

Chest Amount Price
1 Celebration War Chest
500 Gold
5 Celebration War Chests
2,500 Gold
25 Celebration War Chests
12,500 Gold

Inside every Celebration War Chest, you can receive random drops (from one to five items) with a total that’s worth at least the value of the chest, if not more. Here are the drops you can possibly receive and their drop rates:

Drop % Drop Rate
Premium Consumable
Vehicle XP Booster
Commander XP Booster
Free XP Booster
Silver Booster
Premium Time
Free XP
Premium Tank

And here are the Premium tanks, Boosters, and Premium Consumables you can get with these Chests, now through March 25th.

All tanks come with their own vehicle slot.

  • Enhanced Fire Suppressor
  • Enhanced Fuel Boost
  • Enhanced Med Kit
  • Enhanced Rations
  • Enhanced Repair Kit
  • Enhanced Smokescreen
  • x1.25 Vehicle XP Booster
  • x2 Vehicle XP Booster
  • x3 Vehicle XP Booster
  • x4 Vehicle XP Booster
  • x5 Vehicle XP Booster
  • 240,000 Silver
  • 280,000 Silver
  • 320,000 Silver
  • 360,000 Silver
  • 400,000 Silver
  • 750,000 Silver
  • 1,000,000 Silver
  • 1,250,000 Silver
  • 1,500,000 Silver
  • x2 Commander XP Booster
  • x2.25 Commander XP Booster
  • x2.75 Commander XP Booster
  • x4 Commander XP Booster
  • x6 Commander XP Booster
  • x8 Commander XP Booster
  • x2 Free XP Booster
  • x3 Free XP Booster
  • x5 Free XP Booster
  • x6 Free XP Booster
  • x1.25 Silver Booster
  • x1.5 Silver Booster
  • x2 Silver Booster
  • Premium Time - 1 Day
  • Premium Time - 7 Days
  • Premium Time - 14 Days
  • Premium Time - 30 Days
  • 15,000 Free XP
  • 20,000 Free XP
  • 22,500 Free XP
  • 25,000 Free XP
  • 50,000 Free XP

Here are some examples of what the contents from a Celebration War Chest might look like:

  • Example #1: 750,000 Silver + x2.75 Commander XP Booster (5) + x2 Vehicle XP Booster (5)
  • Example #2: 50,000 Free XP
  • Example #3: Enhanced Fire Suppressor (10) + Enhanced Med Kit (10) + Enhanced Repair Kit (10) + Enhanced Rations (10) + Enhanced Smokescreen (10)
  • Example #4: E 25 (Rare) + Vehicle Slot + Premium Time - 1 Day
  • Example #5: T58 Heavy (Epic) + Vehicle Slot + Premium Time - 7 Days

And get this: with every 50th Celebration War Chest, you’re GUARANTEED to receive at least one Epic tank reward. In other words, if you don’t receive an Epic tank by the 49th Celebration War Chest you open, your 50th chest will contain one of the possible Epic Premium tanks. Receiving a Rare tank will not reset the Epic guarantee counter. This means you can keep getting Rare tanks until you reach your 50th chest and still be guaranteed the Epic Tank. But once you get an Epic tank reward, your 50-tank counter resets. Just keep in mind:

  • You can receive a vehicle from a Celebration War Chest that you have previously acquired a different way (in a Store bundle, as a Challenge reward, etc.).
  • IMPORTANT NOTE! If you receive a Premium tank that you already own, then you will be compensated with the tank’s value in Silver instead.

Head to the Store and get your Celebration War! And don’t forget to check out the February Celebrations Challenge, where you can earn one after completing Stage VIII.

Enjoy the Anniversary!

Note: The content of the chests includes seasonal content that is subject to change. We advise you to open your chests at the time of purchase to receive content from the current drop table.

Every Celebration War Chest contains groups of items that are at least the same value as the cost of the chest itself. Celebration War Chest are non-refundable.

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