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Terms to Know in World of Tanks Modern Armor

As with any game, when you play World of Tanks Modern Armor, you’ll find that the community uses certain terms that are specific to the way this game plays. Many of them refer to techniques for positioning your tank, though you’ll find plenty more descriptive terms the longer your battlefield career goes!

Here are some essential terms and techniques that will help you on your way. Study up and practice hard, Commander:


As the name implies, this refers to positioning your tank at an angle to an enemy tank instead of facing it head-on. This will increase the effective armor thickness of your vehicle. It can even make you impossible to damage if you’re in the right position.

Hull Down

Going hull down is a tactic in which you only expose the turret (top part) of your tank, keeping its hull (lower body) protected by such objects as rocks, destroyed tanks, or other debris, or by features of the terrain like hills and slopes.

Tanks with good turret armor and gun depression values are the preferred vehicles for this maneuver. Strong turret armor will help protect the part of your tank that’s still exposed, while a large gun depression value will give you greater range as you angle your gun for the perfect shot.

Hull Down - What You See
Hull Down - What the Enemy Sees
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To sidescrape, with hard cover such as a wall in front of you, angle your tank slightly, and then reverse so that you only expose the side of your hull while keeping the front behind cover.

Vehicles that have hulls with flat sides usually perform this tactic well. It’s also a favorable idea to explore in urban maps.