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Linear Vehicle Progression

The XP you earn with each tank you play has one extremely important use: upgrading that tank to make it more powerful in battle.

You can see how much Tank XP you’ve earned with the Linear Vehicle Progression (LVP) system.

What Is the Linear Vehicle Progression System?

The LVP system shows a straight-line path from your current tank’s baseline status to your ultimate goal for that vehicle: Elite Tank status. The more XP you earn with that tank in battle, the closer it gets to becoming Elite.

Path to Elite

In battle, an Elite Tank earns a special kind of XP called Elite XP, which can be converted to Free XP in the Store using Gold. Free XP then can be used to upgrade any tank, not just the tank that earned it!

Along the path to Elite status, you’ll reach checkpoints in the forms of modules you can equip and improve your tank’s performance with, such as different guns or engines. Choose one of the options shown to make it available for that tank.

Accelerate Research

All Premium tanks acquired from the Store are Elite vehicles that automatically come with all their modules options available.

Where Do I Find the LVP System?

To see the Linear Vehicle Progression for one of your tanks, select that tank in your garage to open the Customization menu. Navigate to the “Upgrades” tab to see the Linear Vehicle Progression.


Note: To purchase and equip any of the module options you see available for your tank, move to the “Loadout” tab in the Customization menu. Here you’ll be able to choose the exact tank setup you want!

Note: Research Packages

Instead of the LVP system, earlier versions of World of Tanks Console used a package system, where players would research and then purchase upgrade packages for their vehicles.

With the LVP upgrade system, any modules that players purchased as part of the package system will remain in place in the LVP system.

Any non-Elite tanks that had no packages researched in the previous system will have their current Tank XP applied to their upgrade progress in the LVP system.

Non-Elite tanks for which players had researched at least one package in the previous system will receive Tank XP equivalent to the packages researched PLUS any additional Tank XP on the vehicle applied to their upgrade progress in the LVP system. Purchased modules will still be purchased and in place on the tank.

Elite tanks will come into the LVP system with all module upgrades available. Any modules that were purchased will still be purchased.

Premium tanks will come into the LVP system with all module upgrades available and purchased.