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Community Guides: How to Play Specific Maps
Hidden Village

Hidden Village is a summer map inspired by the remote settlements where the ninja once dwelled in feudal Japan. Get ready to join the battle for the province in World War II mode!

Pearl River

Pearl River hides a network of winding paths, nooks, and crannies where you can hide or approach the enemy base without being seen.


The legendary Prokhorovka map is one of the oldest and most beloved locations in the game. It's a dream come true for all fans of light tanks and SPGs, and a real handful for those who like heavy tanks.

El Halluf

El Halluf is a sandy map that will appeal to all players regardless of their tank class preferences. On this map, each vehicle plays an important role in battle.


Lakeville is one of the most exemplary corridor-type maps in the game. There are only three distinct directions. The modest size and geography do not allow for anything else – a third of the map is occupied by an irresistible lake and an inaccessible mountain range.


The map is a labyrinth of streets and squares, impossible for artillery but ideal for clashes between heavies, not to mention speedy breakthroughs with light and medium tanks.