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2D and 3D Commanders

One of the best ways to increase the power of your favorite vehicle is to put a Commander in charge of it.

A Commander enhances a vehicle’s performance by using certain Skills. Each Commander can equip a total of nine Skills for a truly customizable experience.

The Commander system replaces the Crew system from earlier versions of World of Tanks Console. To get started with the Commander system, head to the “Commander” tab in the game. This is where all your interactions with your Commanders will take place!

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Types of Commanders

You’ll find two different types of Commanders in the game: 2D Commanders and 3D Commanders.

Both 2D and 3D Commanders can be assigned to any tank in either World War II or Cold War mode. All Commanders have a total of nine Skill slots that you can unlock by playing more battles.

As their name suggests, 2D Commanders are represented by a two-dimensional illustrated portrait.

2D Commanders can be acquired from War Chests, in-game Challenges, and vehicle or Commander bundles from the Store. They can be assigned to any tank, and they offer the same battle benefits as 3D Commanders.

3D Commanders are fully rendered, three-dimensional figures designed to immerse you in the battlefield experience. Outfitted in gear that represents a specific nation and era, each Commander stands by their assigned vehicle in your garage and also appears on the MVP screen after battle to acknowledge your accomplishments!


Both 2D and 3D Commanders can be divided into three categories:

Standard Commanders
Earn Commander XP at the regular rate
Start with one open Skill slot
Premium Commanders
Earn Commander XP at a +15% bonus rate
Start with two open Skill slots
Hero Commanders
Earn Commander XP at a +30% bonus rate
Start with three open Skill slots

How to Recruit a Commander

While on the “Commander” tab, select the “Recruit” tile and choose the Commander you want to recruit from those available.


Congratulations—you’ve recruited your first Commander!

How to Assign a Commander to a Tank

To put your Commander in charge of one of your vehicles, select that Commander from the “Commander” tab. Select the “Vehicle Assignment” tile.


Then, choose which tank you want to assign that Commander to.


Important notes:

  • You can assign a Commander to any tank from any nation.
  • A Commander’s first assignment is free.
  • Reassigning a Commander to a standard non-Premium tank will cost Silver or Gold. However, returning to the last non-Premium tank occupied by the Commander is free.
  • Assigning a Commander to a Premium tank of the same nation is free.

How to Reassign a Commander to a New Tank

Got a shiny new tank that you want to assign one of your Commanders to? No problem. You can do that from the “Commander” tab as well:

  • Select the Commander you want to assign to a new tank.
  • Select the tank tile that shows the tank currently paired with that Commander.
  • Select the new tank you wish to assign your Commander to.

Reassigning your Commander to a new tank will cost Silver. Additionally, if you’re transferring your Commander to a tank of a different nation, there will be a Gold fee on top of the Silver fee.

The transfer fees are waived if the target vehicle is a Premium vehicle of the same nation.

How to Learn Skills with a Commander

Once your Commander is assigned to a tank, you’ll see a helmet icon next to that tank in the Vehicle tab’s tank reel. That means your Commander is ready to roll. Start playing battles with that tank to earn Commander XP!

Earn enough Commander XP, and you’ll unlock that Commander’s Skill slots. You’ll then be able to assign Skills to your Commander from the “Commander” tab:

  • Select the Commander you want to train in a Skill.
  • Select an open Skill slot.
  • Select the Skill you wish to equip from the available Skills.

The Skill you choose will be 100% effective as soon as it’s equipped.

Keep in mind, each Skill is tied to a member of the tank’s crew that’s under your Commander’s charge—for example, Rapid Aim is a Skill that’s tied to the tank’s Gunner. If that crew member is taken out of action during a battle, then any Skill tied to that crew member becomes disabled!

How to Respec Your Commander’s Skills

Want to change your Commander’s Skill set? Here’s how to do it:

  • From the “Commander” tab, select the Commander you want to respec.
  • Select the Skill that you want to respec, then press the “Respec” button.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation pop-up. On this screen, you can confirm that you want to respec only the selected Skill, choose to respec all of this Commander’s Skills at once, or cancel the action.

Resetting your Commander’s Skills will cost a Gold fee based on the number of Skills that you choose to respec.

8-9 Update - Commander Skill Individual Respec

Elite Commander XP and Free XP

Once your Commander has earned enough Commander XP to unlock all Skill slots, they will become an Elite Commander.

Commander XP that Elite Commanders earn can be converted into Free XP for Gold in the in-game Store:

  • Select the Store Tab
  • Select the Resource Conversion section
  • Select the Commander → Free XP Option

Free XP can be used to upgrade any tank from any nation. It can also be used to unlock any Commander’s Skill slots even faster! To unlock a Skill slot using Free XP, select a Commander from the “Commander” tab, select the Skill slot you want to unlock, and confirm your choice to begin research and speed up that progress!

How to Dismiss a Commander

Sometimes, it’s time to move on. To dismiss a Commander from your roster, select them from the “Commander” tab, press the X button on Xbox or the square button on PlayStation, and confirm the discharge.

Note: Dismissing a Commander is permanent and can’t be undone!

You’ll receive 50% of the purchase value in Silver for any Commander you dismiss


Skill List

Want to see all the possible Skills you can fill your Commander’s nine Skill slots with? Take a look at the table below!

Skill Name Icon Effect Crew Position
Adrenaline Rush
15% increase to gun reload speed when under 10% of HP
Armor Angling
5% decrease to damage received
Born Leader
10% increase to effectiveness of all Skills and Commander effectiveness
Camouflage Expertise
10% increase to camo factor
Clutch Braking
7.5% increase to vehicle rotation speed
Comms Technician
30% increase to radio range
Controlled Impact
20% decrease to ram damage to self, 20% increase to ram damage to enemy
6% increase to the chance of damaging crew and modules with AP, APCR, APDS, APFSDS, and HEAT shells
Fire Prevention
33% decrease to chance of Internal Fire
10% decrease to fire duration
General Mechanic
10% increase to repair speed for all modules.
Green Thumb
10% increase to tank’s camo factor when in foliage
30% increase to the accuracy of a damaged gun
Iron Mace
25% decrease to the effect that distance has on shell penetration
Last Stand
25% increase to Commander’s effectiveness when under 10% HP
Marked Target
3-second increase to the enemy vehicle detection time
Muffled Shot
Improves At Shot camouflage factor by 35% when shooting
Off-Road Driving
15% increase to handling on soft terrain, 7.5% increase to handling on moderately soft terrain
Pain Tolerance
20% decreased chance of crew injury
Quick Learner
10% increase to Commander XP
Rapid Aim
10% increase to turret and gun rotation speed
Rapid Loading
10% increase to gun reload speed
10% increase to accuracy when moving
Safe Stowage
25% increase to ammo rack durability
Silent Driving
55% decrease to the effect of driving on your tank’s camo factor
Situational Awareness
6% increase to max view range
Sixth Sense
Instantly alerts you when your tank is detected
Snap Shot
12% increase to accuracy during turret rotation
Steady Aim
10% increase to accuracy
Supply Conservation
15% increase to consumable recharge speed
Track Mechanic
25% increase to track repair speed
Trick Driving
30% reduction in fall damage
Wheel Mechanic
Improves the repair speed for wheels by 15%