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What Can Player Support Assist You With?

Player Support is here to help you with a wide range of issues and concerns related to the game. However, there are certain limitations to what we can assist you with. Please note that support can only address situations that have occurred within the last 365 days. If the event happened more than 365 days ago, we may be unable to provide assistance.

How We Can Help:

  1. Reversing the following actions:
    • Gold to Silver conversions
    • Consumables purchased using Gold
    • Purchase of Premium time, provided none has been used
    • Premium vehicles with five or fewer battles purchased within the last seven days
    • Store Bundle Purchases, provided the items have not been used (Except Season Passes)
  2. Restoring the following:
    • Premium vehicles sold within the last 365 days if unable to be restored via the Tech Tree
    • Mercenary vehicles sold within the last 365 days
  3. Purchases
    • Assistance with missing purchases
    • Assistance with processing refunds
  4. Assistance with compromised accounts
  5. Addressing all in-game and technical issues
  6. Answering general questions regarding game mechanics
  7. Assistance with Connection issues

What We Can't Assist You With:

  1. Actions prior to the last 365 days:
    • Any in-game actions or transactions that occurred more than 365 days ago are beyond our scope of assistance
  2. Restoring any Premium vehicle sold more than 365 days:
    • We can only restore Premium vehicles that were sold within the last 365 days
  3. Restoring any non-premium vehicle:
    • Unfortunately, we cannot restore non-premium vehicles under any circumstances
  4. Reverting any accidental purchase or buyout for any contract
  5. Reverting any accidental season pass purchase or stages or buyout
    • These cannot be refunded
  6. Reverting any Commander Dismissals
  7. Used Vehicle Experience or Free Experience:
    • We cannot refund or reverse used Vehicle Experience or Free Experience
  8. Vehicle XP to Free XP conversion:
    • Any XP conversions are irreversible once completed
  9. Refund any gift sent to another player:
    • Gifts sent to other players are non-refundable
  10. Camouflage, inscriptions, flags, skins, or emblems purchased using Gold or Silver:
    • These cosmetic items cannot be refunded

If you need help or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Player Support team. We are here to ensure your gaming experience proceeds as enjoyably and smoothly as possible.