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Cross-Platform FAQ

Q: Which World of Tanks Console servers will be available for Crossplay?

A: All current servers support Crossplay.

Q: How can I switch between servers?

A: The process of switching servers remains unchanged. Players can switch servers when launching the game at the very beginning, or via the Options menu.

Q: Will Crossplay affect queue times?

A: Crossplay will allow for lower queuing times so players can enjoy fast tanking action!

Q: Can I opt-out of Crossplay?

A: Crossplay can be turned off. However, opting out of Crossplay may cause the matchmaking assembly time to increase, due to a smaller pool of players to choose from.

Q: How do I know when a player is on a Sony or Microsoft console?

A: Players on another platform will have an icon next to their username.

Q: Can I opt-out from showing which console I play on while I am in the game?

A: No. The Players' console icon will always be displayed on-screen should you opt into Crossplay.

Q: Can I customize my Friend ID number?

A: No. All Friends IDs are locked.

Q: Will other modes besides "Multiplayer" support Crossplay?

A: All game modes will support Crossplay.

Q: Will World of Tanks Console Clans be able to support players from Sony and Microsoft consoles?

A: Yes. All Clans will support players from any platform.

Q: Will Platoons be able to support Sony and Microsoft console Commanders combined?

A: Platoons will support players from any platform. For cross-platform Platoon invites, please use the cross-platform Friends list.

Q: Can I send gifts to a Microsoft console friend if I am on a Sony console (or vice versa)?

A: No. Cross-platform gifting is not supported.

Q: Will I be able to have both Sony and Microsoft console players in a voice chat?

A: Yes. The voice chat experience is unchanged and supports cross-platform. Please note that voice chat will be the only method of communication between players. Messaging is not supported between platforms.

Q: Can I send friend requests to players on both console platforms?

A: Yes, the player must provide you with their Friend ID to send a cross-platform friend invitation. This ID is in the top right of the player's Social/Invites menu, accessible from the Garage.

Q: Can I switch consoles using the same profile?

A: No. The player's game progress is bound to the platform.

Q: How can I report a player for gameplay abuse when he/she is on another console platform?

A: Players will be able to report other players using the in-game reporting system.

Q: Which consoles support Crossplay?

A: All Xbox One and PlayStation 4 variants.

Q: What happens if there is another player with the same name as me?

A: Both players will exist in the match with their names unchanged. The player that is located on a different platform will be indicated with an icon next to their name.