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Suggestions and Feedback

Your suggestions, input and ideas allow us to understand what you like, dislike or want to see in the game.

Although Player Support does not handle game design or mechanics, our Development team needs a way to find out and understand what players think.

To achieve this goal, we created the Ticket Category: Suggestions and Feedback. All tickets submitted here will be compiled and reported to the Development team in an organized manner.

We have categorized Suggestions and Feedback into three scenarios:

  • Current Patch Update
  • General Feedback 
  • Suggestions and Ideas

This company has been built by gamers, run by gamers, supported by gamers and continuously improved by dedicated players like you.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thanks for your support.

Please write your feedback in a direct, constructive and respectful manner. Although the reply to your ticket will be automated, dedicated staff will review each entry.

While we can guarantee that your thoughts and ideas will be reviewed, we cannot guarantee that they will be incorporated into the game.

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