Cold War

Vehicles available in Cold War mode saw action during the period of tension between the late 1940s and the 1990s. Learn more about Cold War mode >>

Western Alliance // Light Tanks

Western Alliance // Medium Tanks

Western Alliance // Heavy Tanks

Western Alliance // Tank Destroyers

Eastern Alliance // Light Tanks

Eastern Alliance // Medium Tanks

Eastern Alliance // Heavy Tanks

Eastern Alliance // Tank Destroyers

Independent // Light Tanks

Independent // Medium Tanks

Independent // Heavy Tanks

Independent // Tank Destroyers

World War II

Vehicles available in World War II mode include some of the most powerful battlefield machines in use in Europe and Asia from the years preceding World War II through the period that immediately followed. Learn more about WWII mode >>

U.S.A. // Light Tanks

U.S.A. // Medium Tanks

U.S.A. // Heavy Tanks

U.S.A. // Tank Destroyers

U.S.A. // Artillery

Germany // Light Tanks

Germany // Medium Tanks

Germany // Heavy Tanks

Germany // Tank Destroyers

Germany // Artillery

U.K. // Light Tanks

U.K. // Medium Tanks

U.K. // Heavy Tanks

U.K. // Tank Destroyers

U.K. // Artillery

U.S.S.R. // Light Tanks

U.S.S.R. // Medium Tanks

U.S.S.R. // Heavy Tanks